Variables Entered

Your Name: aaa
Target Audience: bbb
BIG *Result* they want: ccc
BIG *Thing* they want: ddd
BIG *Pain* want AVOID: eee
Number of solutions: fff
Main Keyword Phrase: ggg
Subject line brand: hhh
Current news topic: iii

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Subject Lines

Why Your ddd Won’t work…
{FIRSTNAME}, Your ddd may not be working…

[hhh] How to Survive eee…
How to deal with eee…
How to overcome eee…
How to get past eee…

[hhh] fff Ways to Survive eee…
fff Ways to deal with eee…
fff Solutions to overcome eee…
fff Keys to get past eee…

[hhh] This ccc tip is almost too easy
This ddd tip is almost too easy
This eee relief tip is almost too easy

Details on my #1 ggg resource
Details on my #1 ggg tool

Avoid The #1 ddd Mistake…

The biggest ggg mistake bbb make
The biggest eee mistake bbb make
The biggest ddd mistake bbb make

What iii means to YOU…
What I learned from iii
5 Lessons Learned from iii
“iii” tactics for bbb 

[hhh] Are you headed for a eee?
ccc! fff great ideas…
ddd! fff great tips…
fff secrets of ccc
fff secrets of ggg
Create Your Dream ddd

[hhh] The real secret to ccc
The real secret to ggg
The real secret to ddd
The real secret to avoid eee

How to avoid eee forever

ggg: ccc in half the time!

{FIRSTNAME} More ddd – Less eee
{FIRSTNAME} Get ddd Faster!
{FIRSTNAME} Avoid eee, still ccc
fff Ways to Avoid eee

[hhh] The scary truth about ddd
The scary truth about ggg
The scary truth about ddd
The scary truth about eee

Here’s the bad news about ccc
Here’s the bad news about ggg
Here’s the bad news about ddd
Here’s the bad news about eee

Here is Your ccc Checklist
Here is Your ggg Checklist
Here is Your ddd Checklist
[hhh] Your eee Prevention Checklist

ggg Checklist: Done all fff things? 

ggg Checklist inside… 

[hhh] Just checking in
Hey {FIRSTNAME}, I’m back
Quick question for you, {FIRSTNAME}
Hey {FIRSTNAME}, When you get a few minutes
It’s been a while
A quick message from aaa
What do you think, {FIRSTNAME}?
Ooops! 🙁
{FIRSTNAME}, I need your help

Are you using this ggg tool?

Take the ggg test … 
Take the eee prevention test … 

ggg Details… 

[hhh] fff simple ways to ccc
fff shortcuts for ggg planners
Top fff tips for a ddd
fff ways to save money at ddd
fff ways to save money at ccc
fff keys to ggg

ccc in fff days or pay nothing
ddd in fff days or its free
Get ddd or get a refund
Get ddd in fff days or your money back

[hhh] For ddd, this works like crazy…
For ccc, this works like crazy…
For ggg, this works like crazy…
For avoiding eee, this works like crazy…

How to survive eee

[hhh] The fastest way to ccc
The fastest way to ddd
The fastest way to ggg
The fastest way to avoid eee

[hhh] Get your ggg questions answered
Get your ddd questions answered
Get your ccc questions answered
Get your “avoid eee” questions answered

Here’s an example of what works for ccc
ccc: Here’s an example of what works…

Here’s an example of what works for ddd
ddd: Here’s an example of what works…

Here’s an example of what works for ggg
ggg: Here’s an example of what works…

Here’s an example of what works to avoid eee
Avoid eee: Here’s an example of what works…

Something every bbb needs to know

[hhh] Here’s a shortcut for ggg
Here’s a shortcut to ccc
Here’s a shortcut to avoid eee
Here’s a shortcut to get ddd

[hhh] How I ccc
How I avoided eee
How I got ddd
How I got ggg success

The best way I know for ggg success
The best way I know to ccc
The best way I know to avoid eee
The best way I know to get ddd

{FIRSTNAME}, About your ggg success
{FIRSTNAME}, About your ccc
{FIRSTNAME}, About your eee
{FIRSTNAME}, About your ddd

A great ggg resource I just found
A great ccc resource I just found
A great eee prevention resource I just found

bbb: Get the ggg help you need
bbb: Get the ccc help you need
bbb: Get the ddd help you need
bbb: Get the eee prevention help you need

This ruins most bbb

Break this ggg ‘rule’ for success
Break this ccc ‘rule’ for success
Break this ddd ‘rule’ for success