Variables Entered

Who is your target audience?: aaa
What’s a pain they’re dealing?: bbb
What do they want?: cdc
What’s a hard job?: ddd
What are you sending them to?: eee
What’s the title?: fff
How does this alleviate pain?: ggg
How does this create gain?: hhhii
Link: iii

Step 3 of 3: Edit the emails and tweets that make the most sense. Use them for Twitter, Social Media, quick blog posts & more!


[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, struggling with bbb? 

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, want to cdc? 

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, don’t know ddd? 

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, fff

[slug] {FIRSTNAME}, eee: fff 

See also the Email Subject Line Scripts



Are you a aaa who cdc?

Are you dealing with bbb, but don’t know how to ddd?

Then I’ve got a great eee for you!

=> iii

This eee will help you ggg AND hhhii.

It’s called “fff”

Click here for more iii


PS – If you’re serious, this hhhii. 
Click here right now:

=> iii



If you’re a aaa who cdc, then I’ve got great news for you.

eee => iii

If you’ve been having a hard time ddd and you bbb then this eee “fff” is exactly what you’re looking for.

It ggg AND hhhii.

Click here for more:
=> iii


PS – Seriously, if you want results, this hhhii! 
Take a quick peek at this eee right now 

=> iii

Tweets / short FB Posts / Possible Ads

Struggling with bbb? iii

Struggling with bbb? Here’s eee ggg! iii

aaa struggling with bbb? iii

aaa struggling with bbb? Here’s eee ggg! iii

aaa struggling with ddd? Here’s eee ggg! iii

ATTENTION: aaa struggling with bbb! Check out eee iii

ATTENTION: aaa struggling with ddd! Here’s eee ggg! iii

aaa who cdc? iii

aaa who cdc? Here’s eee hhhii iii

ATTENTION: aaa who cdc! Take a peek at eee iii

Want to cdc? iii

aaa Want to cdc? iii

ATTENTION: aaa who want to cdc! Here’s eee iii

ATTENTION: aaa who want to cdc! Here’s eee hhhii iii

Don’t know ddd? eee shows you how! iii

aaa, but don’t know ddd? Check out eee iii

ATTENTION: aaa who don’t know ddd! Here’s eee iii

Here’s eee that makes ddd easier! iii

This eee “fff” makes ddd easier! iii

fff iii

eee: fff iii

eee: ggg iii

eee: hhhii iii