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Tip Content Ideas

11 Great SEO tips for business owners

What are 3 insider SEO tips every business owner needs to know?

What are 3 advanced SEO tips business owners need to know?

What are 5 SEO tips an experienced business owner can use immediately?

What’s your #1 quick start tip for business owners looking for a fast results with SEO?

What is your #1 time-saving tip for SEO?

Problem Content Ideas

What are the most common SEO problems business owners face?

What are some credibility issues business owners will face with SEO?

What’s the #1 SEO TIME WASTER business owners need to avoid?

What’s the biggest SEO obstacle business owners face?

What’s the #1 DANGER sign that business owners are doing SEO wrong?

Question Content Ideas

12 Questions every business owner should ask about SEO

What are 6 SEO questions every new business owner needs to ask?

What is the #1 SEO question you wish you could have asked someone when you started?

Mistake Content Ideas

5 mistakes business owners make with SEO

What are 3 mistakes every business owner seems to make with SEO?

What’s the #1 SEO mistake business owners make?

What is the biggest SEO mistake you ever made and what can business owners learn from it?

Trend Content Ideas

What are 2 SEO trends you see coming in the near future?

What are 2 SEO trends you see disappearing in the near future?

Which websites should you go to for the latest SEO updates, news, and advice? Why?

How has SEO changed for business owners in the last couple of years?

In what way is SEO harder than it was a year ago? What’s changed?

In what way is SEO easier than it was a year ago? What’s changed?

Here’s what the SEO world will look like in the next 12 months

Do you see SEO being as important 5 years from now as it is today? Why or why not?

Result Content Ideas

How can business owners use tablet computers to get better SEO results?

What are the best ways to use your computer to help get better results with SEO?

What are some unusual ways to get better results with SEO?

What Would You Do Content Ideas

You have $10 to spend on SEO, what do you do with it?

You have $100 to spend on SEO, what do you do?

You have $1,000 to spend on SEO, what do you do?

You have 30 minutes to spare on SEO, what do you do?

You have 60 minutes to spare on SEO, what do you do?

Starting/ Starting Over Content Ideas

If you could start all over again with SEO, what would you do differently?

If you could start all over again with SEO, what would you MORE of?

If you could start all over again with SEO, what would you AVOID?

What are 3 things you wish you knew about SEO when you were first getting started?

What would you say to a nervous business owner about getting started with SEO?

Recommendation Content Ideas

What are 3 different pieces of software or apps that help business owners with SEO?

4 SEO websites every business owner needs to know about
What are some of the best / most critical SEO services out there?

What are some free apps that help with SEO?

What browser extensions will help business owners with their SEO needs?

What’s a NEW SEO website business owners need to know about?

What’s a tried and true SEO website business owners need to know about?

Where can business owners hire people to help them with SEO if they get stuck?

What is your favorite SEO blog and why should other business owners check it out too?

What’s the #1 fear business owners have when it comes to SEO?

What is your favorite book about SEO that every business owner should read? Why?

What’s a great SEO video everyone should watch? Why?

Social Media Content Ideas

Can business owners use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to do SEO better?

What are some specific social media tools business owners can use? How?

Myth/ Misconception Content Ideas

What’s the #1 SEO misconception business owners have?

What are some common misconceptions about SEO?

What are some myths business owners believe about SEO that simply aren’t true?

What SEO advice would you give to a new business owner?

Other Content Ideas

SEO Checklist for business owners

What are 5 vital facts every business owner should know about SEO?

What are some basic rules or guidelines about SEO that business owners should know?

Where can you find discounts on SEO?

What would you say to business owners who think they don’t have enough time for SEO?

Can business owners make money with SEO in today’s world?

What are some examples of business owners who are doing really well with SEO?

What’s the biggest “aha” moment you’ve had when it comes to SEO? (a real head slapper)